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Vilact Skin Cream Has Key Ingredient Derived From Colostrum

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Denmark Company Brings Product Line to Several Online Stores

BOCA RATON, FL --(Marketwired - March 18, 2016) - Pharma GP, a company that develops a variety of natural, high-quality health care products sought after by environmentally conscious people across the globe, announced its signature skin care product Vilact® is now available for sale on CompleteBeautyStore.com, BeautyProductsINTL.com, NPIBeauty.com and Amazon.com.

Vilact® provides customers with an effective patented skin care choice (backed up by research) without the use of harmful ingredients like allergens, parabens, dyes and perfumes. The company has been extremely picky about what it puts into its products, and the result is a highly effective, all-natural product that can be used daily for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.

"Irritated and dry skin is extremely common and now there is a quality solution with our unique Vilact cream available to a large scope of online retailers including Amazon.com," said Gert Andersen, owner and founder of Pharma GP.

Vilact's key ingredient, Lactoactive is derived from Bovine Colostrum. Bovine Colostrum is getting increased attention in the medical world for its healing properties. A study by Aalborg University in Denmark found colostrum to heal postoperative wounds faster, restore facial hair in patients with vitiligo and give immediate itch relief to inflamed skin. According to Medicinenet.com, 1 in 3 Americans has a skin condition.

Lactoactive® is a high-tech refined processing of colostrum, which contains a high proportion of immune supporting substances, growth substances, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. By reinforcing these substances they better work with the bodies own natural defenses. During the process the active substance is extracted and processed into particles that are so small that they can penetrate the skin. Since the skin change often occurs in the tissue this product is highly effective because it reaches deep in the skin. The amount of the various ingredients are concentrated to such an extent in Lactoactive® that the technology has demonstrated properties that are usually only seen in prescription drugs.

"With Vilact on the market and available in the US, a wide range of consumers with skin conditions can benefit from the cream," Andersen said.

For more information about Pharma GP and the Vilact® products, visit www.vilact.com.

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